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Weekly Thoughts

Execution Effectiveness

Leadership team change-fitness is the critical enabler at the leading-to-confront-the-challenge phase and the subsequent strategy execution phases.Definitions of the Vital Signs of Organisational Change-Fitness Execution Effectiveness The strengths and weaknesses of the leadership team are amplified in execution effectiveness.Lead measures include:• Agreed focus.• Top down and bottom up aligned prioritising and sequencing of problem solving.• Read More

EXPAND is one of the 4 practices of change-fit leadership teams.

EXPAND is one of the 4 practices of change-fit leadership teams. For those in my network thinking about innovation. What further types of innovation would you add to this list? 10 types of innovation:Innovation Type Description1. Profit Model – How you make money2. Network – Connections with others to create value3. Structure – Alignment of Read More

All leadership teams have led through periods of change

All leadership teams have led through periods of change. However, we are not all at the level of change-fitness for upcoming change that we may need to continue our purpose. Now, more than ever, we need to be talking about Change-Fit leadership teams and bringing a more conscious energy to our futures. Leadership teams openly Read More

Manage Things. Lead people.

I was working studiously and determined to achieve the high pressure deadline when this epiphany hit. I had not seen this impact on others in myself. When you attempt to ‘manage’ other people, you are in effect limiting or removing their choices – their power. And when you do this, you end up losing everything Read More

Attention: Private Hospital Directors and Exec Directors

This program typically suits your star performers who are carrying extraordinary loads. I am currently making two complimentary slots available to my Traction partnering online coaching program. Creating the space to navigate through the next couple of months, we identify and unpack the imperatives – what is most critical for you, problem solve, review progress Read More