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Business transformation used to refer to those specific projects which arose from strategic planning or merger and acquisition activities. But now, as a result of our rapidly changing social, economic, geo-political and environmental contexts, business transformation activities are quickly becoming “business as usual.” There’s no time anymore to wait until the next strategic planning cycle: an adjustment to the way we do things is often required immediately.

Many leaders are tired from the constant change of the last few years, resigned to the way things are in their organisation, and wondering if anything could make a genuine difference in their organisation’s performance. It feels like it is too hard to get off (or reposition!) a hamster wheel that is running a little too fast for comfort, and which is controlled by so many variables that we seemingly can't influence.

In our own lives, we know that change starts with us. It can be harder to own that to be true, too, in our organisations.

The health and function of an organisation is a direct reflection of the health and function of its individual leaders, and how those leaders operate as a team. When we go on the brave journey of truly looking at ourselves as individual leaders and as a leadership team, then genuine change in the way we do things (and, thus, the outcomes we get) becomes a real possibility. Business transformation - as opposed to undertaking "business transformation" activities - can actually happen.

Bernie partners with leaders who want to run organizations that are inspired by change, that thrive on disruption, and which respond quickly and effectively to big shifts in operating context… and who are also willing to do the work to become the leaders required by such an organisation.



Health and Aged Care Executive

Health and Aged Care Executive

Health Care Executive

Food Industry CEO

Executive Teams:

Michael Kreig

“Bernie’s skills helped to take our hospital which was at capacity and deliver increased throughput, efficiency, financial performance, service quality and patient satisfaction.”

Darren Oliver
IT Leader, Board Member

"Bernie was instrumental in helping HTW on its growth journey. He provided clarity and direction in identifying areas of improvement that were implemented in our award-winning IT systems. Bernie was significantly involved in the formation and execution of the business strategy; he led the board and executives through the process of identifying the vision and strategy for moving forward."

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Find out what it is your business needs to navigate now, and prepare yourself and your team for the next horizon...

Where does your organisation leadership currently sit on the Change-Fit ladder?
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