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Leading through transitions is the new normal for industry leadership.

I am obsessed with challenge and support that enables you to lead more successful transitions.

How we can work together:


Progressive leaders do not falter on the WHY. Rarely falter on the WHAT. There is no shortage of consultants happy to provide Blueprints. It’s how, in our specific situation, we progress that we most need challenge and support as accountable leaders. Exclusive C-suite and Board leader programs and limited individual Mentoring slots.

Chiefs of Transformation

Chiefs of Transformation Belong+

Limited individual Mentoring slots


Good Boards and Executive teams understand they play a different role when leading through industry transformation, which involves overseeing business operations AND leading through a transition where priorities must shift. To be successful in these environments requires active commitment to being a transformative team.

Transformative Teams

  • Change-fit leadership team capability
  • Shared transition clarity & alignment
    • Big Picture Mapping
    • Transition Mapping
    • Business Transformation Simulation


Progressive leaders and proactive Executive teams know their impact is amplified orchestrating the power of networks. I bring a track record of significant value realised through cross functional and cross organisational integration. I mentor and facilitate to re-imagine and accelerate development.

In my experience these networks can have many names. You may refer to them as Industry Value Chains, Industry Consortia Regional Cross-Sector Programs, Supplier Development Programs, Innovation Clusters, Integrated Service Design or whatever is the common purpose.

Transformational Networks

  • Change-fit leadership teams
  • Shared transition clarity & alignment
    • Big Picture Mapping
    • Transition Mapping
    • Network Transformation Simulation
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Find out what it is your business needs to navigate now, and prepare yourself and your team for the next horizon...

Where does your organisation leadership currently sit on the Change-Fit ladder?
What are the priority steps to move to your targeted level?

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