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There was a time when transformation was a key organisational program with a stated beginning and an end. Today, with disruptive forces from multiple directions, we are leading through transitions continuously.

Leadership team change-fatigue for the next horizon can make or break the development of resilient strategies and the subsequent phases of strategy execution.

We need to deliver effective TRACTION towards the goal + build change-fit leadership teams. Fitter teams go further ... faster, and they have the energy to go again.

TRACTION: The 4 Practices of Change-Fit Leadership Teams will help you to:

  • understand how the pace of change is accelerating; how professional roles are being disrupted; and how strategy execution work of leadership and management are moving to their purest forms, which will increase the gap from the ‘generalist’ way many leadership teams were trained.
  • recognise the ‘vital signs’ for assessing the change-fitness of a leadership team
  • assess your leadership team on the Change-Fit leadership team ladder
  • understand the 4 practices of Change-Fit leadership teams
  • go deeper on the leadership energy as a priority for moving your teams with TRACTION.

By employing these insights you will Expose the gaps of the organisation and its capabilities; Explore the reality of conditions; Expand the thinking and potential pathways; and build the team energy to Exert to see the changes through.

It’s time to build change-fitness, deliver TRACTION and move on from change- fatigue. Being in a complacent condition is no-longer an acceptable state for our leadership teams.

Traction book- Bernie Kelly


TRACTION: The 4 Practices of Change-Fit Leadership Teams