As you read this report, my intention is that you:

  • Feel assured and encouraged with some of the practices you have continued and your ability to further course correct as required by the shifting environment. You are after all what the general population would acknowledge as the “already fit” of the organisation leadership world.
  • Have your thinking stimulated by concepts and perspectives shared here.
  • Make remaining fit for purpose as the environment shifts an intentional practice in your organisational leadership.

The disruption in 2020 was front of mind. We were all thrown in the deep end to learn to swim. This period benefits from more definition and specific focus. Enabling more effective transitions and more effectiveness in the decade view is now a fundamental leadership capability. The Fitness for Business Transformation Index 2023-26 and subsequent material are for leaders navigating now.





This conversation started in early 2023 when, in my work with Executive Leaders, Board Directors and Enterprise Transformation professionals, I began noticing quite different pressure points arising. I sensed a shift in what mattered, the fatigue from the Covid period was more chronic, Board’s time horizons of focus lifted, organisational strategic backlogs were made visible.

Research indicated that 85% of CEOs say it is increasingly difficult to know what to prioritise or they don’t know where to start.
95% report having enough resources to invest in new technologies and digital solutions, but 83% find that their Board of Directors often impedes the process. 72% say their Executive team lacks the agility to deal with the ongoing disruptions.

Source: Credit to AlixPartners – Disruption Index 2023


  • In August 2023, we asked the primary question “As the environment shifts, are we remaining fit for our
    intended purpose?”
  • Participation was by those the general population would regard as the ‘already fit.’
  • We sparked conversation on more bold leadership - including ourselves.
  • Lots of material for those observing trends, more needed to serve those making it happen.
  • Committed to develop and share more useful resources in connection with others - such as this report.
  • Taking with intentional leaders about remaining fit while their environment shifts, we see 5 key domains:






The Collaborators

Vee pic


Vee is a leader I have come to know and trust deeply. She is a leader in the Business Transformation community where her systemic understanding and Emotional Intelligence are highly regarded. She is an excellent complement to the technical perspective and strengths of many leaders and their teams. Vee is a leading collaborator on the Fitness for Business Transformation 2023-26 survey and reports. She role models collaboration that builds deep trust and accelerates progress.

Geoff pic


I know Geoff through the digital transformation community. I knew of his roles on global platform development and implementation here in Australia as … for Telstra. In my view Geoff is one of those people who could claim expertise in digital transformation and AI yet while we were meeting in 2023 he was committing time and energy each night studying … at
Harvard University online. I appreciate the depth of thinking Geoff leads and his ability to translate for general business leaders such as myself.

Norman pic


I know Norman as one of the wise leaders in the Business Transformation community in Australia. He always turns up curious and engaged. Norman brings a deep strategic lens to the topics at hand. His years of strategy consulting at major organisations globally come through, as does his deep and broad research on the challenges for organisations in these times. While his intellectual firepower is what is seen on the exterior it is … to learn he has also been practicing his self-development and mindfulness over decades, which adding further dimensions to his insights.

Paul Farina pic


I have known Paul for many years as a Facilitator of high-performing teams. What comes through strongly in this conversation is his rising strategic clarity as he succinctly puts his finger on shifts impacting the teams he works with. Paul brings his experience as a professional athlete and leader in retailing to teams making their way through shifting times. I always appreciate the uplifting energy he so generously shares.

Danette pic


Danette’s generosity and business acumen always shine through in any meeting. She has been going deep on what’s required for leaders to adapt at this time and it cuts through with her clarity of actionable insights. Danette has done her own work on deeply integrating the leadership behaviours into her work and life and it’s clear the wisdom shared comes from deep within.

Ishan pic


I know Ishan as a leader in the Operational Excellence and Supply Chain communities. He built his reputation leading Regional and Global improvement initiatives in Consumer Goods and Manufacturing. We enjoy deep conversations on leading improvement across diverse teams and complex systems. Ishan has a knack for making operational excellence accessible and I have shared his book Advance: 12 essential elements to supercharge productivity and profitability with clients.

Christina G pic


Christina is an inspiration and leader across innovation, exponential development, SingularityU and many more communities. I marvel at her ability to contribute and encourage so many. During 2023 I shared that Christina had become a go-to recommendation of mine when leaders asked me for someone to speak with their team on digital transformation and expanding strategic options. She is insightful and passionate. Christina published ‘Celebrating Success One Failure at a Time ’ in 2023.

Graham pic


Graham is the President of Business Excellence Australia, a community with decades of experience and insights in quality systems and performance across organisations. He brings the ability to zoom in and out from immediate actionable insights to the deep systemic work required to impact enablers across industries this decade and beyond. His passion for developing leaders shines through.

Tomas pic


Tomas brings an infectiously constructive energy to the topics confronting leadership teams today. It is clear that he practices what he preaches as Mr. Meditate. He sparkles with creative ideas and the practicalities of learning and building teams.

Jeff pic


Jeff is a digital transformation and communications expert, known as ‘The Tech Translator’. I know Jeff as a leader in the Transformation and optimism communities. He always engages, involves, and supports the development of others. I appreciate how Jeff brings self-awareness and broad system awareness to exploration of opportunities and risks

Elizabeth pic


Liz brings rigorous thinking and constructive passion to the table. Liz has gone deep with her work and it comes through in her clarity and targeted insight. Need to insert more…

Eduardo pic


Eduardo brings decades of leadership in Organisation Readiness for Transformation. I know Eduardo through the Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence online communities and our joint exploration of bringing Organisational Readiness/ Fitness assessments to more interactive digital environments. Eduardo brings his expertise in critical thinking and focus on outcomes to all of his clients and our conversations.

Finbar pic


I know Finbar through Board and executive-level Innovation work and his generosity in the Innovation community. Every conversation with Finbar expands my mind. He leads with a pragmatic focus on desired outcomes, which then creates space for creativity and innovation across organisations that people are excited about. He always shows up as a 1980s Aussie Rocker, which is only one dimension of his profound range of interests and capabilities.

Gary pic


Gary’s relaxed and relatable manner hides a long track record of supporting high performance. Gary brings deep insights into the psychology of achievement and team development. Gary is the Founder of Organisation’s that Matter and a high-performance leadership coach.

Lynn pic


Lynn naturally brings constructive ideas to any conversation. She has supercharged this as the Founder and leader (Chief Ideaaspy) of the global innovation platform Ideaspies.com. Her passion for their mantra “Sharing Ideas that do good” comes through in every interaction. I know Lynn as a champion of innovation and capability development for our youth through to most senior business leaders.

Christine pic


Christine brings her expertise as a leading CIO, and advisor to Boards with a particular perspective on China, Asia, and organisational innovation. Christine brings a lively energy. We go deep on innovation and change management, and Christine continually surfaces new considerations and opportunities. Christine published ‘Power Up’ in 2022.



While not adapting can mean extinction, within adapting we also see a stark choice.

Responding | Intentional
Tactical | Foresight
Getting sh!t done | Being, Feeling, Thinking, Doing
Grinding | Inspiring
Grey | Radiating light
Soul-less | Connecting with our spark

This critical challenge arises throughout history. Strategic assessments tell us NOW is one of these times Socially, Technologically, Economically, Environmentally, Politically, Legally, and Ethically. There are many threads to working constructively in this Mission.

I bring:

  • Executive and Board experience leading industry transformation
  • CEO Business Transformation consultancy
  • Mentor with Chief Transformation Officers and Facilitator for cross-functional leadership teams and
  • Contributor in elevating the Transformation profession as Chair, Australian Transformation &
    Turnaround Association. TransformersUnite.
  • Life events as a Father and Karate student in the presence of Masters that ground me on what
    really matters.

More importantly, though, I will continue as a practitioner, student, and sharer of what we have referred to here as The 5 Moves of Remaining Fit for Purpose as the environment shifts.

I’m delighted to collaborate.

If not you & me, who’s it gonna be?



Collaborator's Insights

My clients, who inspire me with their achievements and their leading full and meaningful lives, and encourage me to expand the impact of this work.
Tamara Baylis and Michellyn Villanosa have been the team behind the scenes of the communication and report development. Thank you.
Vee Haslam, as lead collaborator, testing, challenging and expanding my work throughout the FBTI 2023. I’m very grateful.


The trusted and respected Industry Leaders that have inspired me, agreed to participate and share the survey, and now working with me to deepen inquiry and share their perspective on prioritised actionable insights for the Final Report: Adrian Wagner, Christina Gerakiteys, Christine Yip, Danette Fenton-Menzies, Eduardo Muniz, Elizabeth King, Fi Mercer, Finbar O'Hanlon, Gary Ryan, Geoff Brim, Graham Giannini, Ishan Galapathy, Jeff Kerr-Bell, Lynn Wood, Norman Chorn, Paul Farina, Richard Hainsworth, Theo Pappas, Tim Ellis, Tomas Jajasnica, Vee Haslam and Victor Perton.