Here is what some have had to say…

Ellen Mills

Interim Director Allied Health Operations at Central Adelaide Local Health Network

October 14, 2019

Ellen worked with Bernie but at different companies

Bernie has significant knowledge and experience in leading healthcare transformational change. He recently worked together with our teams at Central Adelaide Local Health Network with a key focus on developing capabilities to build a sustainable healthcare service. Bernie worked together with the CALHN Allied Health Leadership team with a specific focus on supporting us to demonstrate our value add to the organisation through enterprise leadership. Critical to Bernie’s success is his capacity to get in beside people to lead, support and develop the skills required to develop and embed a “learning organisation” culture. This will enable us to provide an efficient, effective and sustainable health service for all of our stakeholders.



Terrance Cranage

Manager at Zara Springs Retreat

October 7, 2019

Terrance worked with Bernie in different groups

Bernie is Australia’s leading Executive Mentor for Operational and Service Transformation and the Adaptive capabilities to thrive in the coming decade. He is a useful player to have in your Innovation network.



Donna Stevens

Nurse Lead Heart and Lung Program at Central Adelaide local health network SA Health

September 26, 2019

Donna was a client of Bernie’s

Bernie and his team have worked closely with myself and other leads in CALHN to see the world differently and adapt to a dramatic change in thinking to improve ways of working in a disruptive and challenging recovery plan. Bernie has challenged us to think differently and adapt to improve practice. He even helped with the sceptics in my team! We respect and value his contribution during a very tough time. Adaptive change is always a challenge and I recommend his team to get you to think differently.



Kristian Sanchez

Nursing Lead, Cancer Program at Central Adelaide Local Health Network

September 20, 2019

Kristian was a client of Bernie’s

I had the pleasure of working with Bernie during his recent time leading the CALHN recovery team. During this time Bernie has influenced the way I approach problems in a fact based way. Bernie has encouraged me to be more curious, ask the difficult questions and supported me to manage challenging situations. Bernie has built capability within leaders that will ensure sustained growth and success.



Su White

Director Clinical Services at Calvary North 

19, 2019

Bernie worked with Su in the same group

I have worked with a lot of external consultants however none have been as exceptional as Bernie. Bernie has been influential in his approaches, working alongside staff at all levels assisting them to unlearn entrenched actions and beliefs creating the space for new learning and progression. Bernie has been integral in the beginnings of the CALHN turnaround, without his leadership this would not have happened. Too often the changes consultants make are not done with sustainability built-in, this is not the case with Bernie’s approach. Has been an absolute pleasure to have worked and learnt from Bernie.



Allana King

Nursing Director

September 14, 2019

Allana was a client of Bernie’s

Bernie has been extremely influential in assisting with my professional and personal development. He has motivated me to move into a growth mindset and challenge the status quo to do and be better.



Tina Jones

Lead Nurse Critical Care and Perioperative Program at SA Health

September 12, 2019

Tina worked with Bernie but at different companies

Bernie has been working in the CALHN Recovery team for 12 months and has been a key external advisor and facilitator of change management in the Organisation. He and his team have been integral to the Nursing Leadership team in particular imparting expertise, skills and techniques to make space to plan, stay focused, manage issues and stay “at cause” to remain positive and driving the change.



Nicola OLoughlin

Nursing Director, Recovery Team at SA Health

September 10, 2019

Nicola worked with Bernie but at different companies

Bernie sets himself apart from most consultants by getting in beside you, not just telling you what you need to do, but showing you how. This style has enabled him to achieve sustainable change and make a real difference. Bernie’s knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector has allowed him to show us what excellence looks like and how we can achieve it. I have had the pleasure of working with Bernie Kelly since November 2018. Bernie is a great coach, teacher and mentor and I have extended myself both professionally and personally in my time working with him. That’s because Bernie is all about building capability in others. He has taught me to look at things through a different lens, to constantly challenge myself and to maintain an ‘at cause’ attitude. He has kept me focused through some very challenging times and helped me achieve clarity with my future direction. Thank you Bernie, for all your support and guidance.



Brad Long

Boral / UTS / Bachelor of Manufacturing Management

November 6, 2018

Brad reported directly to Bernie

For several years Bernie and I worked together driving business improvement. Looking at the entire value chain, challenging the status quo and seeking out better ways of doing things was how we operated. This strategic approach plus great stakeholder engagement allowed for breakthrough improvements – and then came the execution. Bernie is the best at what he does – and a terrific person – it was my pleasure to have worked with him.



Fiona Thomas

Clinical Documentation Specialist at St John of God Health Care

June 15, 2018

Fiona was a client of Bernie’s

I am extremely fortunate to have had Bernie Kelly as a mentor. We met at St John of God Hospital Ballarat 6 years ago and still keep in touch. During the 3 years of Bernie assisting with the Enhancing the Patient Experience Bernie assisted many caregivers to achieve their optimal potential. I cannot thank Bernie enough for his guidance and encouragement to enable my leadership and management skills to flourish. I have achieved so much in my professional career and attribute much of the success to Bernie’s influence. I endorse and encourage you to seek Bernie’s assistance.



Sue Thomson

Institute Manager at Australian Institute of Health Service Management, University of Tasmania

June 14, 2018

Sue worked with Bernie but at different companies

Bernie approached me in my role as the Executive Director of Professional Development with the Australasian College of Health Service Management (the College) some years back. He impressed me with his business acumen combined with his passion to make changes to the health systems nationally and globally. At that time it was predominantly through creating efficiencies in our health systems to provide better health outcomes for patients. He helped the College grow its membership base simply by engaging with different cohorts. He is a skilled networker, communicator and collaborator and he combines those skills with warmth and authenticity.



Deborah Gordon

Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow at The Aspen Institute

June 4, 2018

Bernie worked with Deborah in the same group

I had the great pleasure of meeting Bernie on my Eisenhower Fellowship travels in Australia. Bernie helped shape my program, connecting me with some of Australia’s leading health care executives and organizations and helping educate me on the Australian system. Following my fellowship I was lucky to remain connected with Bernie, participating as he envisioned and created Reliable Excellence in Care, masterfully connecting global health care leaders to think differently, and bigger, about health care quality and effectiveness. Bernie is a phenomenal sounding board and coach, visionary health care leader, and all-around wonderful colleague.



Maria Noonan

Director of Nursing at St John of God Health Care

May 21, 2018

Maria was a client of Bernie’s

Three years ago I worked with Bernie Kelly on a project which looked at Enhancing the Patient Experience. This project reviewed every aspect of the patients journey and included staff from both clinical and non clinical professions. Bernie was an inspirational mentor and coach who challenged our thinking around all aspects of the patient experience. He taught us how to use data to inform practice, how to imbed quality processes into every aspect of our work and how to motivate staff to embrace change. The project transformed our thinking, our actions and ultimately the environment in which we worked. The patient experience was truly enhanced as they entered a health system that had quality at its core and the patient at the centre of its thinking and actions.



Andrew Stewart

Director – Business Performance Improvement

May 10, 2018

Bernie worked with Andrew in the same group

Bernie is a business leader I have known and worked closely with in different roles over 20 years. At Golden Circle he transformed the the end to end supply chain and operations returning the business to a profitable growth path. He also introduced and delivered one of the most successful Lean Supply Chain initiatives – The Golden Circle Perfect Pineapple Project – involving NFIS Funding, Woolworths, Grower/shareholders, and major packaging and support organisations. He later joined the consulting organisation I founded delivering a number of successful transformation outcomes for large and small organisations, and developed new products and businesses. Bernie has always demonstrated excellent business leadership skills and capability with strong and respectful peer and people relationships and engagement.



Travis Gaylor

Training Lead – St John of God Health Care

April 24, 2018

Travis was a client of Bernie’s

I had the good fortune of working closely with Bernie during our ‘Enhancing the patient experience’ project at St John of God Ballarat. Bernie was instrumental in assisting our team leaders in developing their problem solving capabilities, resulting in improved patient outcomes. He skilfully provided strategic clarity to our leaders enabling a focus on performance improvement. Bernie is very committed to mentoring others and setting teams up for success. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked so closely with Bernie and learnt a great deal from him. I positively endorse his mentoring skills.



Adela Secic

Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte Australia

April 24, 2018

Adela was a client of Bernie’s

Bernie has worked with us across a number of leadership development programs, partnering with us to customise and tailor content relevant to our leaders. Bernie’s experience, knowledge and advice continues to drive a collaborative relationship, and provides an engaging and inspiring session to our participants. Bernie’s in depth knowledge around continuous improvement and project management not only adds value to our programs but also our team. I would highly recommend Bernie as a collaborative partner, with an abundance of ideas, and who is very easy to work with.



Tony Fedorowicz

Value Network Optimiser

April 20, 2018

Tony reported directly to Bernie

I had the pleasure of working for Bernie as we strove to provide greater value for healthcare organisations and their customers. Bernie is an inspirational leader whose daily question was “how can I set you up for success”. He did this not only with our team but with the many clients he coached to great effect. His passion for personal and organisational growth and development sparked numerous initiatives that transformed performance all round. I am grateful for the privilege of sharing part of my work life with him and being a better person as a result.