Master Message

Building change-fit leadership teams


Speaker/Author/Facilitator/Mentor/Train the Trainer


Conferences and in-house with your leadership team







Bernie Kelly Speaking


READY Executive Teams Ebook series

  • Book 1: The Only Certainty is Change
  • Book 2: Leadership Team Change-fitness is Like Personal Fitness
  • Book 3: What to Focus on to Build a Change-fit Leadership Team
  • Book 4: Traction Through Transitions

TRACTION: Building Change-fit Leadership Teams (Published 2020)

Traction book- Bernie Kelly


➤ Change-fit Executive Team Assessment

(Where do we agree we are now? Where do we agree we need to be to lead the next phase?)

➤ Shared Big Picture Mapping

(See our dependencies and inter-dependencies. Take actions beyond the ‘symptom’ issues)

➤ Shared Transition Mapping

(Leading transitions with increased flow making visible what will remain, what must be built, and the bridging innovations to accelerate through)

➤ Business Transformation Simulation

(Learn from the experience of 18 months team trials and tribulations in one day)


➤ Chief of Transformation

➤ Belong+

Train the Trainer

Work discreetly with Heads of Business Transformation on whole of organisation and Network strategy deployment programs. Providing proven frameworks and co-designing fit-for-purpose programs.


Michael Kreig

“Bernie’s skills helped to take our hospital which was at capacity and deliver increased throughput, efficiency, financial performance, service quality and patient satisfaction.”

Darren Oliver
IT Leader, Board Member

"Bernie was instrumental in helping HTW on its growth journey. He provided clarity and direction in identifying areas of improvement that were implemented in our award-winning IT systems. Bernie was significantly involved in the formation and execution of the business strategy; he led the board and executives through the process of identifying the vision and strategy for moving forward."