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Feel the joy of not having all the answers

“What a ridiculous thing to say”, said the earnest Executive. This is serious business!  As experienced leaders and professional experts our comfort zone is typically the established operating models. Leveraging what we have been taught. Maintaining executive presence. Leading the room. Being ‘in control’. In a time when we hear every day of unprecedented conditions in our world, when even Read More

There is a shift evident in June 2020

I have been talking with a lot of people committed to positive transformation from this challenging period – all sorts of Chief’s, Directors, Strategy Consultants, Leaders of People and Culture.  There is a lot on the move and most of us are still sorting through trying to navigate what is immediately in front of us. Read More

Create the future, don’t rehash the past

– Now is the time to provide space for ‘feed-forward’ with your teams  There is a lot going on adapting to immediate constraints, gaps, and changes. Online meetings, check-ins, chase-ups, emails, watching the news and following social media updates, immediate corrective actions, response plans, revising plans. It is a cycle we can get caught in, week on Read More

Creating psychological safety is NOT about being nice

Creating psychological safety is a critical leadership energy in delivering traction of strategic objectives and building change-fitness. An interesting observation talking with more and more leaders about Traction in their strategic programs and the leadership energy required to create psychological safety as a foundational phase – particularly for organisational leadership teams low in change-fitness is Read More

“If…, but…, maybe…, depends…” – there’s leadership’gold’​ there as you navigate in complex and adaptive environments.

Adding simple diagnostics to our repertoire is empowering and essential to navigating increasingly dynamic times. Read on how listening for these words can be a tell-tale diagnostic tool in complex adaptive systems for: Board Directors CEOs Executives Operational leaders In these times of turbulence and uncertainty, we are all thrust into trying to understand and Read More