Traction Navigating:

Strategically targeted for this critical period, where service activity is uncertain and we are still orienting on the most effective path ahead on many fronts.  Actively navigating adds to the leadership challenge of already critical roles.

This program is designed for your star performers who are carrying extraordinary loads at this time.

Leaders who through their clarity and energy generate:

  • Commitment to strategic imperatives
  • Traction – not project slippage / blowouts
  • Energy gain – not drain

Creating space for these leaders at this time makes a difference now, and even more so in the near future.

Where are your leadership team on this ladder for the current imperatives and the next horizon imperatives in terms of Traction and Energy?

Traction is about connecting with and prioritising your deeper Mission, Cause, Why. Making progress towards what’s important through transitions.

Energy drain to gain is about Change-fitness.  There is a tipping point where the pace of change is energising to teams.

Navigating with TRACTION Partnering you will:

  • Clarify your strategic imperatives
  • Add increased perspective to problem solving
  • Recharge your energy
  • Be proactively planning for team success

So that you will work through this period

  • Gaining TRACTION


  • You are a successful leader
  • You acknowledge the increased load of leading in times of accelerated change
  • You want to continue to bring out the best in yourself and others


  •  You want someone else to make the challenges go away
  • You don’t want to be accountable
  • You are not seeing that change brings opportunities


Creating the space to navigate through the next couple of months, we identify and unpack the imperatives – what is most critical for you, problem solve, review progress and work on those ‘progress barriers’ that arise.

45 minute calls placed at times that suit you, take a breath and sort things through with your traction partner outside of the day to day grind.

I bring extensive proven methods for traction, but perhaps more importantly at this time a space for refreshing your clarity.

Nicola O’Loughlin, Operations Manager at SA Heart~

Bernie sets himself apart from most consultants by getting in beside you, not just telling you what you need to do, but showing you how. This style has enabled him to achieve sustainable change and make a real difference. Bernie’s knowledge and experience in the health care sector has allowed him to show us what excellence looks like and how we can achieve it. I have had the pleasure of working with Bernie Kelly since November 2018. Bernie is a great coach, teacher and mentor and I have extended myself both professionally and personally in my time working with him. That’s because Bernie is all about building capability in others. He has taught me to look at things through a different lens, to constantly challenge myself and to maintain an ‘at cause’ attitude. He has kept me focused through some very challenging times and helped me achieve clarity with my future direction. Thank you Bernie, for all your support and guidance.