Working with Bernie

Working with Bernie:

Traction Navigating:
5 sessions to create the space to navigate through the next couple of months, we identify and unpack the imperatives – what is most critical for you, problem solve, review progress and work on those ‘progress barriers’ that arise.I bring extensive proven methods for traction, but perhaps more importantly at this time a space for refreshing your clarity, ready for current year.

Traction Partnering: 
Leaders that engage their teams differently, that proactively build change-fitness will be able to demonstrate teams and networks that embrace challenges and opportunities, leverage their strengths and insights for redirection and growth, and ultimately shape the industry going forward. Through partnering arrangement we apply the feed-forward focus and drill into the 6 month target condition and critical success factors. We assess for controllable and uncontrollable conditions. We push harder on this than our current comfort level to Level up the game we are playing.

Transformational Executives and Boards
Looking to globalise at speed, align and get buy in from all stakeholders, or define and deliver the reinvention, move faster, further, safer with WhiteWater Transformations using world-class methods,networks, and platforms.

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